WarnerMedia’s Crunchyroll, the leading streaming service devoted to anime, is getting a new owner. Crunchyroll has over 20,000 videos and 10,000 hours of Anime, Korean Drama and Live-Action titles on Crunchyroll.com and Crunchyroll-powered platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android, TV set-top boxes, Playstation®3, Xbox LIVE, and other devices. ", Also read: AT&T Seeks to Sell Crunchyroll to Sony for $1.5 Billion (Report), Video: CNBC Evolve: Transforming Media with Spotify's Dawn Ostroff (CNBC), Biden administration's Covid response team holds first press briefing, Surge in trading volume causes outages for retail brokerages, Expect first-quarter GDP growth rate to be negative as a result of Covid variant in U.S., economist says, The Late Morning Rundown: January 27, 2021, Constellation Acquisition CEO Klaus Kleinfeld on its public debut, What it will take for the U.S. to build a 100% renewable electric grid, Connecticut Gov. Together with Crunchyroll, we will create the best possible experience for fans and greater opportunity for creators, producers and publishers in Japan and elsewhere. Sony owns it all now. Anime distributor Funimation has ended its cross-licensing deal with Crunchyroll after two years, as Sony-owned Funimation looks to expand globally. Funimation has been doing this for over 25 years and we look forward to continuing to leverage the power of creativity and technology to succeed in this rapidly growing segment of entertainment. They’re the copyright holders for it and anyone licencing it, be it Crunchyroll or any other physical or digital distribution service, has to license it from them. Amanda Gorman Will Grace Us With a Poem at Super Bowl LV. The inaugural poet has been tapped to write and recite a poem honoring pandemic heroes. Crunchyroll-Hime is taking you back to a time when your favorite place to go to was the anime aisle in your local video store. The network has one of the largest online collections of anime and manga, including subtitled and dubbed content. I'm incredibly proud of the Crunchyroll team and what they have been able to accomplish in the digital media space in such a short period of time. What the acquisition basically means is that Sony now owns the anime streaming market and is set to wield tremendous influence over the industry. Some of the content hosted on Crunchyroll included fansubbed versions of East Asian shows. After Governor Cuomo classified live comedy as not “essential,” some NYC club owners decided to roll the dice. AT&T is keen to … Crunchyroll is currently owned by Otter Media Holdings, and if you follow the chain upwards it's ultimately owned by AT&T's WarnerMedia. A press release announcing the sale made no mention of whether or not Max would continue to offer what it has described as a “curated collection” of Crunchyroll content once Sony takes control. Sony-owned Filmation will pay nearly $1.2 billion to acquire the direct-to-consumer platform, which currently boasts more than 3 million paid subscribers and has over 90 million registered users around the world for its various ad-supported services. After months of rumors, the news is out: Sony’s Funimation Global Group is set to acquire AT&T’s Crunchyroll. On Wednesday, Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. announced that AT&T and WarnerMedia agreed to sell Crunchyroll to Funimation. It was originally thought that AT&T was targeting a $1.5 billion sale price. Crunchyroll's head of content strategy and global partnerships Alden Budill told TheWrap in the spring that the network owns the rights to distribute over 30,000 episodes of anime content, more than any of its close competitors (including Funimation). AT&T, which acquired Time Warner, now known as WarnerMedia, that … In Japan, it owns Aniplex, the studio behind "Kimetsu no Yaiba" and a variety of other content, including movies and music. AT&T, meanwhile, is currently exploring selling off control of satellite service DirecTV, which has been bleeding subscribers since the phone company took control (and as the linear TV business collapses.) They've created an end-to-end global ecosystem for this incredible art form. Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Funimation announced lately that AT&T and WarnerMedia have sold Crunchyroll to them for $1.175 billion. Thomas Costerg, senior U.S. economist at Pictet Wealth Management, discusses the U.S. economy ahead of the latest Fed decision. Ned Lamont on meeting demand for Covid vaccines, Blackstone President Jon Gray on fourth-quarter results and investment strategy, President Biden to sign executive actions to combat climate change, Starbucks CEO expects 100% of retail workers to earn $15 per hour within next three years, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson on first-quarter earnings results and forecast for recovery, Short sellers close GameStop positions with huge losses, AMD CEO Lisa Su on fourth-quarter earnings, demand and product pipeline, Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev on how a post-Covid world could affect markets, What the GameStop short squeeze may mean for markets, Boeing CEO: Slow Covid vaccine rollout will prolong travel demand recovery. The deal has not yet closed, but will mean that Sony Pictures owns the two largest anime licensors in North America. Crunchyroll is currently owned by AT&T whereby Sony will purchase it for about $1.2 billion! ", "We are proud to bring Crunchyroll into the Sony family," said Tony Vinciquerra, Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Interestingly, Sony are buying Crunchyroll with straight up cash: The purchase price for the transaction is $1.175 billion subject to customary working capital and other adjustments, and the proceeds will be paid in cash at closing. Only 20 to 30 Crunchyroll titles live on Max, out of the thousands of hours on the stand-alone service, so there’s little chance a continued presence on Max would hurt sign-ups for the soon-to-be Sony-owned streamer. Crunchyroll is owned by US telecoms giant AT&T, which has reportedly been looking to offload the streaming service for a while. You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox.