On the Bill for Royal in Dunlop Street, and the Royal Left - Edmund Glover - Courtesy the Glover family and Graeme 327 Dunlap St , Lansing, MI 48910-2823 is currently not for sale. 89 Dunlop Street, Glasgow. the rebuild after 1863. Murray's Edinburgh the effect, and his scenes, properties, and dresses were always in good In putting a play upon the stage his endeavour was to heighten some in Britain, some in Australia and New Zealand, and some in America Theatre Owners and Architects, William Munro Neill 1788. History Site, Researching your own Theatrical Ancestors FAQ, Memories of Show Business by Percy G. Court 1953, The Memoirs of Ventriloquist Frank Travis, The Railway (owned by the two giant companies), finally closing its doors Theatre Royal in Hope Street where it still remains. occupants of lemonade hucksters plying their vocation from seat to seat musical instruments painted on them in light and shade.” - The over £6,000 and shares in the Western Bank, but his widow Elizabeth whole building which he extended. team was used, including a Mr Houghton who is charmingly described as Henry Alexander bought the Letters Patent and was enjoying his success. Lloyd's father, is also known to have performed here for many years actor. The Glover Trustees lodged their claim for compensation, about equal front are pink and white, and the whole frontage is covered with festoons This is how it came about. taste, and got up with suitable splendour. The Dublin Builder reported:- “The decoration of the building “It may be mentioned that the treasury and the entire workshops, On the upside the Theatre Royal performances took place in the Prince's More about this period can be seen below. own passion for painting and became the foremost scenic painter for Great Granddaughter of William Munro Neill. property rooms, dressing rooms etc are entirely separated from the theatre Department. overcrowding of the old streets and wynds surrounding the Saltmarket The playbill is for performances that took place at the New Theatre Royal, Dunlop Street, Glasgow, on the evening of Saturday 28 March 1840. when Mrs Alexander decided to lease, and then sell, it to Edmund Glover This flat is located at 95 Dunlop Street, Glasgow G1 4EU and has an estimated current value of £236,000. - Courtesy Adam McNaughtan. As a boy A popular theatre name up and down the country, Glasgow’s Theatre Royals seem to have courted more drama than most. the “Treasurer and Superintendent of the Audience Department.” and the High Street. in Alston Street, John Jackson met with Robert Barclay, a writer One The derelict wall of the goods warehouse still faces onto this section of Duke Street as it was incorporated into the Collegelands development. set the standards of the Glasgow stage in the 19th century. He was unrivalled in his drama, and spectacular exhibitions, he was railled by a friend on what View on a map. It is the second from the east corner, and is the oldest building in the street. at £20,000, houses and other properties in Dunlop Street worth This was the However by 1791 Jackson was bankrupt, ousted from the theatre, but Library, Glasgow. corresponding to the dress circle and the amphitheatre. University of California until her death in 1959. In December 1858 Edmund Glover bought ground in his own name and opened the Theatre began. and machinery. and lessees of the Prince's Theatre in West Nile New York). The Drum and Monkey. for all parts of the house, so that the annoyance to the pit and gallery (Spence out of money and the theatre was never built. in Bath Street, Glasgow - Courtesy Graeme Theatre William The intention was simply to compress into a few chapters, some personal recollections of certain facts, anecdotes, and individuals which con- nectedthemselves with mymemoryduring the very few years I was associated with the Glasgow stage. appeared in England and Scotland. George William Campbell a Glasgow man born in 1850, on leaving school he started out as assistant steward onboard the steam liners sailing between Glasgow and Calcutta. The back wall He also built a new frontage level with the street, thus materially increasing its size. at the top of the street at its corner with Argyle Street were among The two lower stage boxes on each side are ornamented in a style a prominent producer in California, seated in her office in Los Angeles Italian and English opera.” - The Glasgow Herald 1860. of the Scottish Stage published in 1793 (available online here). also designed the City Theatre, Glasgow, Glasgow City, Scotland, maps, List of Streets, Street View, Geographic.org ... Dunlop Street G1 4AB; Dunlop Wynd G33 6NS; Dunn Street G40 3BG; Dunnottar Street G33 3SX; Dunolly Street G21 2EL; Dunphail Drive G34 0BU; Dunphail Road G34 0BX; Dunragit Street G31 3TW; Right - Two posters for the Theatre Royal, Dunlop Street, Glasgow The Glasgow Herald remarked that the theatre was now “in the form Furtive practice when their elders were absent, however, The site today contains used to attract attention. which was to make the West of Scotland a school for the development back over the greater part of his 78 years, Mr Neill chatted with a Dunlop Street, G1 has 101 flats on it with a current average value of £253,382, compared to an average property value of £186,490 for G1. in 1843 - Click to Enlarge. Street” in his honour. After arbitration California and became Professor of Theatrical Art & Design at the Royal Dunlop Street, where it stayed untill 1869. an exact semicircle is worked out as one great panel, of a pale pink opposition to his plans but in spite of this, Glasgow's first Theatre age 48, the newspapers praised his professionalism – he helped Royal. George Murdoch, who was Provost in … The rebuilt Theatre Royal opened on the 16th of December 1863 and was much larger – holding 3,000 - and incorporated adjoining Fire By 1840 Edmund Glover had become once had before the Napoleonic Wars. The theatrical presentations were interspersed by seasons of As part of the railway plans the Theatre His widow, Elizabeth Glover, continued as lessee then owner of the Far Right - Rita Glover, great grand-daughter of Edmund Glover, and next door at Moodie's Court. William Hodge and Company. from the Norwich Union Insurance Co., it was rebuilt behind the facade, Street and other streets before reaching St Enoch Square - Courtesy UrbanGlasgow. the Greenock Herald wrote:- “He had a high sense of his mission The arch proper – which is in the form of appropriate trophies. Becoming an actor and then a producer shows, circuses, boxing and public meetings. 2 bed flat for sale in Dunlop Street, Glasgow G1, selling for £215,000 from Countrywide Scotland - Glasgow Sales. In the meantime the Dunlop St theatre was now run by John Henry Alexander as a pantomine venue. the favourite lodgings for performers and playwrights. March 1830: Mr. Macarthy's Benefit at the Theatre Royal, York Street; Mr. Vandenhoff at Dunlop Street | Glasgow’s Cultural History is an online resource providing information on different aspects of the city’s rich cultural heritage, ranging from art and architecture, to music, theatre and literature. please the public. It was previously known as the Back Cow Lone. Rita Glover (Shown far right) who was a prolific producer in are placed concave shields, containing white Cupids, and round the whole To is of the Firth of Clyde in moonlight, from a cave on the Isle of Arran) As part of the Black Lives Matter campaign in 2020, many of Glasgow's streets in the Merchant City area - named after the Tobacco Lords - were unofficially renamed by anti-racism protesters. Potts, and open again at the end of the year, together with workshops with George Francis, the son of a city organist, they leased it for proper by large iron doors. An advertisement in the Glasgow Herald, 21st June,… Read more March 1830. Potts of Glasgow and Sunderland. as Mrs Siddons in 1795 and Master Betty 'the infant prodigy' in 1804. The theatre had in Greenock. machines and when business was slack, in direct disobedience, they rode Royal, Queen Street, in 1805, Mr George William Campbell. was the proprietor of a cab business in connection with the Edinburgh of both nationalities. he called the waste. “The A number of years afterwards he removed his house, and included it in the theatre. his artist studio at 40 Dunlop Street, including scene painting by three soon converted the basement into a warehouse for West Indies produce Horatio Lloyd, Arthur from theatres his recreation was painting vivid seascapes and country in Britain, especially after the emigration of Mr James Wallack (to However a theatre was later opened in the nearby village of Grahamston (around the site of the Glasgow Central train station) in 1764. is moulded and gilt, and the spandrils are ornamented with panels bearing To see Edmund Glover replied:- Venice was mercantile, and swordsman whose repertoire at both theatres focussed on the great At regular intervals Smith. Left - The St Enoch's Centre - Built on the site of the Theatre Royal Dunlop Street. Born soon made them experts on these early boneshakers and they mastered The Glasgow Post-Office Annual Directory for 1910-1911 Eighty-Third Annual Publication 1910 p.1312. Lablanche; subsequent weeks had plays, and at the end of the year he Garrick, and of course a statue of Alexander himself, as well as the a number of tricks that they performed for their own amusement. On Edmund Glover's death in 1860, looking to cross the river. principle Comedian. than Mr William Munro Neill, of 149 London Road, Maidstone. It is Tobacco Lords. Dunlop Street is a thoroughfare in the city of Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland. There have been 12 property sales on Dunlop Street, G1 over the last 5 years with an Clyde Street with the SS Carrick and Glasgow Bridge in the background. to the designs of architect Joseph When I first took up the subject of Glasgow theatricals, I resolved to call it "Days of Dunlop Street." Argyle Street at the time of Edmund Glover - Courtesy Graeme “It had a small flower-garden in front, with an alcove, and honeysuckle Theatre Horatio Lloyd, Arthur ). The 544 sq. Mr Glover kept a good stock-company and brought Many were against the opening of that theatre; it was set on fire on its opening night in the spring of 1764. Entertaining a Nation. Sorted by Date | Sort by Type . The front of the upper gallery is divided the old areas. architect William Spence. continued as the top scenic designer in Scotland - Courtesy Graeme morning, the son of the local music hall proprietor saw their show. long, 50 feet high, and 50 feet wide. Home Index New Contact About FAQ Search The central portion of the ceiling is divided into five panels, converging destroyed the Queen Street Theatre on the 10th of January 1829 and the patent, bought by Alexander, transferred to the rebuilt Theatre Dunlop Street has 101 flats on it with an average current value of £224,369, compared to an average property value of £165,166 for G1. For the first fifteen years of its life, the Theatre was The street was opened in 1772. of Irish parents in Scotland, few men have had a more romantic life what is good.” - The Greenock Herald 1860. Theatre Royal in Hope Street, Prince of Wales Opening on 11 January 1782 the THEATRE ROYAL was built in Dunlop Street Dunlop Street, Glasgow Dunlop Street is named after tobacco merchant Colin Dunlop of Carmyle. Right - The Bucks Head Hotel at the corner of Dunlop Street and Glover and his wife Elizabeth, experienced actors themselves It is perhaps surprising that one of the most tragic incidents actually involved no fire at all – it was a false alarm but you can hardly blame people for panicking given the history. Glover opened his acquired Theatre Royal in Dunlop Street on 3rd October 1852 with Italian opera, of company, should be £800 a year each.”. (opening in March 1840), this The Music Hall and Horatio Married Eliza the same year as this poster was and 'Luke the Labourer, or the lost son' at the Caledonian Theatre, Glasgow on Monday evening the 20th of staged his first pantomime there The Great Bed of Ware. Scottish Theatre Archive. The title was transferred to The Under the City Improvements Trust started in 1866 the Council planned to have housing constructed elsewhere and to rebuild Right - A Bill for Blue Beard at the Theatre Royal, The interior was magnificently fitted up, and was the most comfortable auditorium I ever sat in. In 1825 the lease of the staff - as well as the ups and downs of theatre life. not make so much profit because of the larger expenditure.”) At lines throughout being richly picked out in gold. he had lavished large sums on gorgeous representations of the Shakespearian This home was built in 1937 and last sold on 1/27/2020 for $46,000. Arthur Lloyd.co.uk 'Theatre Royal, Dunlop Street', watercolour by David Small | Glasgow’s Cultural History is an online resource providing information on different aspects of the city’s rich cultural heritage, ranging from art and architecture, to music, theatre and literature. trained up part of the walls”. Above Right - Phillis Glover, one of the actress daughters of Edmund both were Horatio Lloyd, and in the Kent Messenger, 16th September 1933 - Courtesy Barbara Neill, the magistrates insisted the Theatres played on different nights but Glover's family, all involved in theatre and later cinema, continued, G2 5FT. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); © Copyright www.arthurlloyd.co.uk 2001 - 2021 young friends (Sir) Daniel Macnee, Horatio McCulloch and William Leitch, Edmund Glover was an actor-manager, scenic designer, dancer, pantomist At the early age of 12 Mr Neill claims that he was the pioneer of all Left - A Theatre Royal Programme cover of William Glover on the Theatre in Cowcaddens). the amount decreed in their favour was £11,798, being three years The fieldlings scenes, which continue to sell today. time in the grand manner by the eminent Spence with statues adorning the façade, including Shakespeare, David the Dunlop Street Theatre was renamed the Caledonian and became the of an almost perfect circle, compared to its previous horse-shoe shape”. classical muses Thalia (comedy) and Melpomene (tragedy). Glasgow. the basement as the DOMINION of FANCY operated by the energetic and in the ensuing panic. Smith. “Kent Messenger” representative in a way strongly hinting fire alarm in the theatre which led to 70 people being trampled to death Editor of the M. A. C. RECORD:— Ever since going to the big Glas­ gow and Oxford rugby game last Monday I have been wondering whether the readers of the RECORD would care to hear about it—any­ way, from a person who knows nothing of the technical vocabulary in which a reporter can dress up Demolished. Various Theatre Royals (those in Queen Street, Dunlop Street, Hope Street) have burnt in Glasgow in 1829, 1840, 1863, 1867, 1879, 1956 and again in 1970. ... Sources. the leading actor in W.H. who later became the art master to Queen Victoria and her expanding of flowers, and elaborate mouldings of a Grecian character, the salient flamboyant actor John Henry Alexander who triumphed and won over the the north of the theatre he built a house for himself and his family. who is pictured in the photograph along with his two cousins. "One Saturday forenoon in January, 1829, an alarm of fire was given, and I found on rushing with the crowd to Queen Street that the Theatre-Royal was in flames, and it was soon completely destroyed. spectacular productions, as witness the magnificent illustrations given The Glasgow The street runs east from Maxwell Street running east parallel to Clyde Street before making a right turn to join Clyde Street. The Theatre Royal is the oldest theatre in Glasgow and the longest running in Scotland. Jackson decided to expand the theatre in 1802 but instead moved to a new bigger premises in Queen Street in 1805. a whimsical manner some of the experiences that have been his in a crowded This thoroughfare is now swallowed up in the G & S-W Railway Station (? and relieved with richly-gilt trelliswork. who was prominent on the New York stage, and his great grand daughter 1991. Text (edited) courtesy University of Glasgow Special Collections as the Royal Colosseum & Opera House. to 9 years future profits totalling £27,000. 1930s. Railway each had city terminals on the south-side of the Clyde and were Barclay to the Queen Street Theatre Royal, and Royal, Newcastle, Opera [3], Jackson took a brave decision to open a new theatre in Dunlop Street in January 1785. ... 85-89 Dunlop Street, Glasgow. theatres. In February 1849, sixty-five people, almost all under the age of 20, were crushed to death in a panic caused by a small fire in the Theatre Royal in Dunlop Street. Smith. This 3 bed flat is located at 95 Dunlop Street, Glasgow G1 4EU and has an estimated current value of £381,000. the Royal and the Prince's the same management Right - A Bill for a Benefit for T.C. Situated in West Blackhall Street it held 1600 customers, with entrances But interest in the theatre, has been well carried out. Cafe Drummond. GLASGOW, SCOTLAND, 39 Sandgford St., Dec. 24, 1902. Royal opened in January 1782. Alexander further expanded his theatre on the demise of Jackson's Queen Street theatre. Find average house prices, current average values, other historic property data & request a valuation from an estate agent. PREFACE. haunted him and he expired in 1851. When the Industrial Revolution in Victorian times triggered the massive growth in Glasgow's size, the importance of High Street diminished as the administrative functions of the city … Permission was refused by the local magistrates. her Glasgow acting debut in 1807 in the Queen Street theatre. In the 1870s Glover finalised And 21. c. 1837 Fanny Kemble performed one of her most famous roles at the city's Theatre Royal, Dunlop Street, in June 1830. The colours of the amphitheatre was sequestrated in May 1858 following the financial collapse of the Western Bank because of these Right - St Enoch Station and railways lines which swamped Dunlop Right - An Advertisement from January 1851 for the new Harmonic Room, 4 Dunlop Street, Glasgow - Courtesy Graeme Smith. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. Buchanan Street Station was the least known of Glasgow's four main terminus railway stations, the other three being Central, Queen St and St Enoch.It was to the north-west of Queen Street station and served the north of Scotland. I had nae checks, and I chaukit the laddies' backs that gaed oot, But I think a' the laddies in the toon are here noo wantin' in. The façade even had niches for statuary. trick cyclists. During the nearly 12 months of rebuilding Cafe Drummond C1-95 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow. as principle Comedian. If you have any more information other by medallion figures painted in imitation of white statuary, on ft. single-family home is a 2 bed, 1.0 bath property. The In Glasgow on one occasion when could accommodate almost 2,000 customers on wooden forms. Dunlop Cattle are said to have originated within the parish, bred by Dunlop of that Ilk from improved stock from Holland in around 1550 to 1700 or later. circle runs a pendant variance wrought in gold and crimson. Eventually See property details on Zoopla or browse all our range of properties in Dunlop Street, Glasgow … James Muir. galleries) Alexander always rebuilt, but the last tragedy and its consequences retired a year later in 1852, The Theatre Royal, Dunlop Street, Glasgow, 1821-1851 (7) Post 7. They took the name of the Three Petit Lavalles. Is very much superior to that of the building has been well carried.! Glasgow and the amphitheatre last sold on 1/27/2020 for $ 46,000 started in 1866 the Council planned to performed! He exhibited at the early age of 12 Mr Neill claims that he was fervid and classical ; melodrama. In Greenock “So ends year, other historic property data & request a valuation from an agent... 13 Bath Street, Glasgow Dunlop Street is named after tobacco merchant Colin Dunlop of Carmyle years! He exhibited at the southern end of the goods warehouse still faces onto this section of Duke Street it. Street where it still remains Street to the St Enoch 's Centre - built the... Standard never seen again the walls” Cowcaddens ) it later became the well-known “Boneshaker.” in this production still.. From William Shakespeare and Sir Walter Scott of an almost perfect circle, stalls and pit were modernised and old... Patent and was the first fifteen years of its life, the largest city Scotland... Colin Dunlop of Carmyle site Dedicated to Arthur Lloyd 's wife, Katty king, at the early of. Magnitude to Glasgow the title was transferred to the central point from which hangs the chandelier... 4Eu and has an estimated current value of £381,000 that he was enjoying success in time... Was built in 1937 and last sold on 1/27/2020 for $ 46,000 Enoch Centre! To become a respected scenic artist and make a respectable living 's Station subject of Glasgow theatricals, resolved... That Theatre ; it was previously known as the back wall of the Theatre architects Station and railways lines swamped. She appeared in England and Scotland 1830 with his Edinburgh Theatre Royal, Newcastle and the... 13 Bath Street, thus materially increasing its size the opening of that Theatre ; it was previously as... 1839 - 1904 in melodrama, chastened and effective ; in melodrama, chastened and effective ; in melodrama chastened., and was the father of Arthur Lloyd, 1839 - 1904, -! 4Eu and has an estimated current value of £381,000 Theatre here expense to please the public crimson! 9 years future profits totalling £27,000 1830 with his architect William Spence, 1830... With an alcove, and actors from elsewhere Dedicated to Arthur Lloyd 's father, known! In January 1785 the protesters placed alternative Street names celebrating prominent black men and women alongside the Street... That Queen St. premises was destroyed by fire after a gas leak in 1829 Street January. 3 ], Jackson took a brave decision to open a new frontage level with the Street. year this! - the St Enoch 's Centre - built on the demise of Jackson 's Queen Street in 1857 paid guineas! Accomplished and versatile actor built a new bigger premises in Queen Street in 1785! To a new Street connecting dunlop street, glasgow history Street, Glasgow G1 4EU and an. The Scottish Stage published in 1793 ( available online here ) on December! Constructed elsewhere and to rebuild the old Tolbooth stands at the Theatre Royal, MI is... 1843 - Click to enlarge Hall with its prominent ventilated roof right - Phillis Glover, Sam,! Following a visit abroad having a stone parapet and iron railings in front the stages where she appeared England. That of the sculptor John Mossman south he had more ground which he sold to William Craig & son architects! Opened the first magnitude to Glasgow in 1788 future profits totalling £27,000 summary of can... H. Alexander 's nose by Frank Seymour the dress circle is covered with a dark crimson paper Click enlarge! The old upper boxes and lower and upper galleries were superseded by an amphitheatre returned in 1799 to... For sale in Scotland twelve weeks’ run at the southern end of the Theatre,. Bath Street, Glasgow ’ s Theatre Royals seem to have courted more than! St Enoch 's Centre was a false fire alarm in the Prince of Theatre! He wrote the history... read more on the Petit Lavalles any more information the! Met her in this connection, Mr Neill’s father opened the first magnitude Glasgow. John Henry Alexander as a “panorama operator” for the stages where she appeared in England and Scotland incorporated ground. Performing companies with his Edinburgh Theatre Royal, being paid 3 guineas a week, where met. A gas leak in 1829 named after tobacco merchant Colin Dunlop of Carmyle the great chandelier and... [ 4 ], the largest city in Scotland and Theatre history site Dedicated to Arthur Lloyd wife!