He was eventually killed by his twin sister Jaina for his actions. [13] UGO.com listed Jacen as their top Star Wars expanded universe character, calling him "one of the most fearsome - and most tragic - villains in the Star Wars universe". Marka Ragnos They cannot convince Zekk to stay at the Academy with them, but Jacen and Jaina remain friends with him. In response, Krayt insists that while Caedus's actions simply delayed the Sith, and they are eventually going to succeed in their planned takeover of the galaxy. Jacen sees a dark man ruling the Galaxy and becomes determined to prevent this evil future. Jacen dowiedział się od obcej istoty, że Moc tak naprawdę jest jedna – ani dobra, ani zła. After previously sharing military secrets, which leads to hundreds of deaths and compromises the battle plan at Fondor, Niathal arranges a cease-fire without consulting Caedus. Wybór padł na Marę Jade Skywalker, żonę Luke’a. Często wdawał się też w spory z Anakinem na temat natury Mocy, a nawet kwestionował decyzje Luke’a Skywalkera, przywódcy Zakonu. Forum Posts. Darth Vader, znany wcześniej jako Anakin Skywalker (41 BBY – 4 ABY) – postać fikcyjna, jedna z głównych postaci sagi filmowej Gwiezdne wojny.Ojciec Luke’a Skywalkera oraz Lei.. Początkowo rycerz Jedi, pod wpływem Dartha Sidiousa przeszedł na ciemną stronę Mocy i przyjął tytuł „Darth Vader”. He also appears in the Star Wars Legends continuity, which is no longer official canon as of the 2014 reboot. Jacen Solo – postać fikcyjna z cyklu Gwiezdne wojny, syn Hana Solo i Lei Organy. Jacen's spirit makes its first appearance in Abyss, wherein he warns Luke and Ben about Abeloth, the main antagonist of the series. Jacen realizes that Nelani will, if allowed to survive, possibly fulfill the dark vision he had seen. Fight takes place in a hangar on the Death Star. Marka Ragnos Jaina refuses to listen, however, and attacks him after he deactivates and holsters his lightsaber. Vergere removes the slave seed from Jacen, but he can still sense the Yuuzhan Vong. Jej zadaniem miało być przeniknięcie na teren wroga i zniszczenie laboratorium, w którym klonowano voxyny. In this act of selflessness, Jaina sees the remnants of the good man her brother had once been. She uses an imperfect crystal and her blade shorts out in a sparring match with Jacen. In Traitor, Jacen awakes to find himself in the Embrace of Pain, a rack-like torture device favored by the Yuuzhan Vong. As the newly formed Galactic Alliance emerged, Jacen accompanied his uncle Luke Skywalker into the Unknown Regions to seek a solution to the Yuuzhan Vong menace. Tenel Ka, Lowbacca, Tahiri i później Zekk). Darth Caedus. In the Young Jedi Knights series, Jacen travels to Yavin 4 with his sister to begin his Jedi training. She reveals that Vergere is a Sith apprentice, and that Jacen has already received Sith training. Darth Caedus. Jacen Solo is a fictional character in literature based on the Star Wars film series, set in what is now designated as the non-canonical Star Wars Legends continuity. Previously a Master of the Jedi Order, Hett abandoned the ways of the Jedi following Order 66 and hid on Tatooine where he eventually became a warlord for the Tusken Raiders. Anakin poległ w walce, zaś Jacen dostał się do niewoli, przedtem zabijając królową voxynów i dopełniając misję. In this realm Jacen gazes into the Pool of Knowledge that holds the Throne of Balance, (where in all future events are shown) In the midst of the duel, Caedus comes back to the light and attempts to persuade Jaina of his intentions to protect Tenel Ka and Allana. Jacen Solo is a fictional character in literature based on the Star Wars film series, set in what is now designated as the non-canonical Star Wars Legends continuity. Unsure of his next move, Jacen uses the Force to create visions of the future. Jacen wkrótce ostatecznie przeszedł na ciemną stronę. Na czele drużyny stanął młodszy brat Jacena, Anakin. For the son of Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus from, (paternal first cousin once removed, deceased), List of Star Wars Rebels characters § Hera Syndulla, Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, "How the Abandoned 'Star Wars' Expanded Universe Inspired 'Force Awakens, "Lucasfilm Creatives Are Very Interested in That New, "Top 50 Star Wars Expanded Universe Characters", "Disney and Random House announce relaunch of, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Jacen_Solo&oldid=1002633927, Fictional characters who committed familicide, Articles using Infobox character with multiple unlabeled fields, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 January 2021, at 10:44. A Jedi strike force, led by Anakin, is to infiltrate a Yuuzhan Vong cloning facility where the invaders craft deadly Jedi-hunting beasts called Voxyn. O uzytkowniku - Darth_Caedus - w bazie Filmweb. At the book's climax, Caedus and Jaina face off in a final lightsaber duel aboard Caedus' flagship, the Anakin Solo. Jacen brał czynny udział w konflikcie, stojąc po stronie Sojuszu i zdobywając coraz większą władzę w walce przeciwko koreliańskim buntownikom. Childhood: Jacen Solo was introduced near the end of the Thrawn Trilogy on Coruscant, when he was born five minutes after his sister Jaina. By Fury, Darth Caedus is the principal antagonist of the series, and the declared enemy of nearly every other major character: His parents and sister have disowned him, Luke is sworn to redeem him, and Ben is driven to seek justice for his mother. Fully pledged to Lumiya, Jacen becomes head of the GFFA's newly formed secret police, the Galactic Alliance Guard. After fighting Force projections with Ben, Nelani catches up with them. Qorl discovers the Shadow Academy, a training ground for Dark Jedi commanded by one of Luke Skywalker's fallen students, Brakiss, along with the remains of the Dathomiri Nightsisters. Possessed with a strong fear of his daughter or Tenel Ka being harmed, Jacen uses the Force to send Tenel Ka's grandmother (the person behind the attack) into a coma. Jacen later reveals that he never knew who started the war in his vision. Jacen, Mara and Luke know that doubt and fear would make Lomi Plo invisible to her enemy. Enraged at this treason, Caedus orders the fleet to ignore Niathal's orders and bombard the major cities. 5 years ago. Ben suspects Jacen almost immediately, upon meeting Jacen at his mother's body. Although they themselves do not appear in person as spirits, older characters like Luke and Mara do. After a grueling battle in which both are seriously injured, Jacen is defeated when Jaina severs his Achilles tendon and stabs him in the heart. Podczas yuuzhańskich tortur spotkał Vergere – byłą rycerz Jedi, która drastycznie zmieniła jego poglądy na Moc, przekonując go, że tak naprawdę jasna i ciemna strona nie istnieją w naturze, a w duszy każdego człowieka. Though Jacen makes few true appearances in the Fate of the Jedi, which follows the Legacy of the Force series, his legacy is felt throughout the series, as Luke Skywalker is arrested for negligence of duty and is sentenced to a ten-year exile, in which alongside his son Ben, he tries to ascertain the circumstances of how and why Jacen turned to the dark side. Han and Leia later find out Allana is Caedus and Tenel Ka's child. [10] In the third installment, the 1993 novel The Last Command, he is born five minutes after his sister Jaina on Coruscant. He becomes the "khattazz al'Yun," or Avatar of God. Już od najmłodszych lat był szkolony przez swojego wujka – Luke’a Skywalkera – na rycerza Jedi. He agrees to consider what Lumiya had said and leaves the asteroid with an unconscious Ben. It's during Legacy of the Force Revelation The penultimate book in the series. Determined to save his daughter and the galaxy from his vision, he sets out to provoke the Chiss into destroying the Killiks. Niathal orders all ships loyal to her to attack the Anakin Solo. Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) • Luke Skywalker • Padmé Amidala (jako żona Anakina) • Leia Organa Solo • Bail Organa (jako przybrany ojciec Lei) • Breha Antilles Organa (jako przybrana matka Lei) • Han Solo (jako mąż Lei) • Anakin Solo • Jacen Solo (Darth Caedus) • Jaina Solo • Tenel Ka (jako dziewczyna Jacena) • Allana Solo • Cliegg Lars (jako mąż Shmi) • Owen Lars (jako wujek Luke'a i Leii) • Beru Whitesun (jako ciocia Luke'a i Leii) • Cade Skywalker • Morrigan Corde, https://pl.prepedia.org/w/index.php?title=Darth_Caedus&oldid=296220. In the following book, The Emperor's Plague, they get to the bottom of a plot they had suspected all along, and catch up with Raynar's father, Bornan Thul, to race the Diversity Alliance fleet to an Imperial storehouse hidden in the deep core. These elements of the so-called Second Imperium kidnap Jacen, Jaina and Lowbacca, but they resist the dark side and are rescued by Luke Skywalker and Tenel Ka. Jacen disappears, along with his presence in the Force. Jacen uses a corusca gem he had gained earlier for his focusing crystal. Following this experience, Jacen begins his descent to the dark side of the Force. Darth Caedus used the environment to his advantage; he managed to incapacitate Kyle Katarn by pulling a speeder in the latter's direction, and killed another Jedi (Thann Mithric) by deflecting a blaster bolt towards his chest. In Jedi Under Siege, the Jedi trainees and the Shadow Academy have their final confrontation on Yavin 4. They are forced to fight Jacen and Jaina several times, and the twins and their friends finally progress far enough to be tasked with building their first lightsabers. During her time there as … During the fight with Plo, Luke falters for a moment when Mara is injured, and doubt enters his mind. Żniwo śmierci było ogromne i Luke Skywalker postanowił utworzyć specjalną grupę uderzeniową Jedi. Jaina withdraws, however, due to her own injuries. Jacen believes in the Force not only as a tool, but as part of something greater. Przez większość swojego życia był rycerzem Jedi. He remains under the care and tutelage of the avian Vergere, who he learns had once been a Jedi of the Old Republic, and who had even met his grandfather, Anakin Skywalker. Ten tekst udostępniany jest na licencji Creative Commons: uznanie autorstwa, na tych samych warunkach, z możliwością obowiązywania dodatkowych ograniczeń (CC-BY-SA-3.0). Kylo Ren, as you can imagine, is based off of someone. Two-thirds of the fleet side with Caedus, while the rest ally themselves with Niathal. The twins, with help from Luke and Zekk, bring down the Shadow Academy and the Second Imperium forever. He is once again surrounded by Yuuzhan Vong captors; left with no choice, he surrenders and agrees to join their cause. When she finally runs out of ammunition, she seizes a Mandalorian saber and severs Caedus' arm. Jacen urodził się podczas kontrofensywy wielkiego admirała Thrawna, kilka minut po siostrze. Her spectral form appears to him soon after. Although Admiral Niathal wants to offer the planet the chance to surrender, Caedus is determined to make an example of Fondor by crippling the shipyards and its planetary government. W 25 ABY galaktykę najechali Yuuzhan Vongowie, rozpoczynając tym samym trwającą cztery lata wojnę. Lumiya says that Jacen is going to become the next Sith Lord. Feb 13, 2020 - Explore Star Wars's board "Jacen Solo", followed by 184 people on Pinterest. In Trouble on Cloud City, they discover Czethros is a minor leader of Black Sun, and is trying to gather enough power to overcome the New Republic. Start 20 feet apart. Yuuzhan Vong organic growths cover the once gleaming metropolis, remaking the planet into a Yuuzhan Vong paradise. At the end, Jaina plans to have training from Boba Fett to help her face off against Caedus, despite her parents once being foes with Fett. The friends return to Coruscant for a short vacation, and are reunited with the twins' childhood friend Zekk. He then travels to the Hapes Cluster to ask Tenel Ka to assist with the Chiss/Killik conflict, believing that the fleet could act as a buffer between the two armies. His lightsaber passes through thin air where her weapon had been seconds before and severs the young woman's arm. A Jedi hero of the Yuuzhan Vong War, he eventually fell to the Dark Side years later and masterminded the Second Galactic Civil War. A Jedi hero of the Yuuzhan Vong War, he eventually fell to the Dark Side years later and masterminded the Second Galactic Civil War. [11] The twins, and eventually their younger brother Anakin, were sent to live at various safe havens, under the protection of Leia's handmaiden, Winter. Win by death or KO. Nadszedł czas na ostateczne rozliczenie z powieściowym „Przeznaczeniem Jedi”. SinnTek1. After saving Allana, Leia tells Caedus to become a Jedi again, but he refuses. Podczas misji większość z 17-osobowej grupy Jedi zginęła. See more ideas about Darth caedus, Jacen solo, Leia organa solo. Nom Anor intends to use Jacen to sacrifice Jaina, thus fulfilling an ancient Yuuzhan Vong prophecy. Though she bears him no ill will for the accident, Jacen is wracked with guilt.