Once upon a time I was a hard core amateur cyclist in the UK – 1986-1989. For the 113 miles through the Lake District major passes, average speeds vary from a fastest of 30km/h down towards 15 km/h (10 hour finishing time) Fred Whitton results. In 1988 or 1989 I can’t remember I rode the fastest road race in the UK – the time of the Leeds Classic. People often ask what is a good average speed for cycling? It is all relative to your physical condition and your gears. The pros may average in the region of 32-34 km/h for a very mountainous stage; Fred Whitton Challenge If you consistently maintain average trail speeds around 10 mph you’re doing well (unless of course you’re singletrack phobic – greenways don’t count! I hope this is useful. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . The best I ever managed was 15.7 over 100 miles. The unit of the result will depend o… Bike speed On flat or low rolling terrain, I average 17 km. Long story but 52 miles in 1:48. At one point on the flat through and off I saw 42mph…. Yeah.On Google My Tracks.Being somewhat tech challenged however, you will have to tell me how to get it to you!! Average speed was 29.4 kph at 80 to 100 rpm range. For shorter trips, I can get up to 20 or 21 km. Not sure either I was also wanting to know where Blue route > gravity > grassland > bizhub > shaya-moya > up to gaya and down and through 3 bridges are on the map, another riding friend also refers to the same places. When I went with a local Oxford chain-gang, the average speed was something like 23mph for a flattish course around Otmoor. [30] Allan Abbott, a cycling enthusiast and motorcycle racer, elevated the motor-paced bicycle speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats , reaching 223 km/h (139 mph) in 1973. You can also choose from aluminum alloy, steel, and carbon steel speed 40km h e bikes, as well as from standard, multifunctional, and luxury speed 40km h e bikes, and whether speed 40km h e bikes is ce, or eec. On my reasonably flat commute I average around 16 mph on my road bike, but your average speed is dependent on many different factors. I’m a Cat 2 road racer but seem to be much stronger anaerobically than I am aerobically… I started cycling two years ago. In the Race Across America, Pete Penseyres, 1986, averaged 15.40 mph (24.8 km/h). This shows the technology of Chris Boardman’s super aero position, added an extra 6 km/h on to his speed. This was a reflection of improved training, improved aerodynamics and fitter athletes. Share this... Facebook. 285 W for a 65 kg bike + rider at 11 m/s (40 km/h or 25 mph) on the flat (87% of effort to overcome aerodynamic drag) or 5.3 m/s (19 km/h or 12 mph) on a 7% grade (6.1% of effort to overcome aerodynamic drag). Hi Tejvan done the first couple reliability rides, there more like road races these days! Typically that's only a change of 2-3 mph. Motor: ... 48V20.3AH lithium battery Panasonic brand: Charger: AC100V~240V 4A MAX47~63Hz charging time 4~5H: Speed: 25-40 Km/h: Range: 60~70Km with pure electric 80~100Km with PAS: PAS: 1:1 6 magnets intelligent pedal … The first to surpass 200 km/h was the Frenchman Jose Meiffret in 1962, when he reached 204 km/h (127 mph) behind a Mercedes-Benz 300SL car on a German motorway. GBP. When I’m timetrialling I hope to be doing 30mph+, Oh ok, thank you! Lisa, Moraira, Spain, I would like to comment on this. Otherwise, it’s a bit slow. Average Mountain Bike Speed (with 13 examples) Overall, the average mountain bike goes a speed of 30.53 miles per hour – 16.6 mph, 26.8 km/h. Edited by Clint_ZA, 18 December 2011 - 06:20 . The average speed singletracks riders maintain on the trail is 6.98 mph so if a trail lists an average speed above this – it’s fast. – You can get penalised for riding too quick! A time trial bike in a very aero position can add an extra 3-4 km/h (see: Passing traffic on dual carriageways can add an extra 2-3 km/h, Very smooth roads – smooth tarmac can add an extra 1 km/h, In a 10 mile time trial, with a tailwind of 20mph, I once averaged 56km/h. What do the pro's put out? I put a screengrab on that Endomondo thread, but that will only help if you have photographic memory. Pinterest. Thanks for a very interesting article. per hour regardless of wind for long cycling days (6-8 hrs.). He completed 35.3 Km in an hour. 1994, Chris Boardman – 7.2km time trial course of 55.152 km/h (youtube clip). These days very few go for these records, due to different priorities and heavier traffic. 12.7km/h average on Hardknott. That’s what I say. EUR. If you can average 32-34 km/h on the flat on a road bike, you may find you can get close to 40km/h on a time trial bike on a fast course. Blimey! Everyone likes to ride their road bike fast, and an attractive measure of a ride is the average speed. The difference between the two seems to stem from Strava only including "time moving" whereas I have Endomondo include the breaks too. i do think however, This being my second year on a road big you can learn a lot riding with these guys i.e learning when to attack and when to settle in behind the stronger riders. Audax events are not races, but long distance events where the rider has to complete a set route at a particular average speed, emphasising route finding, mechanical reliability and the ability to ride to a schedule. Train! Previous page. And Alistair Brownlee was with them, apparently there was a 4 man break away, they did stop for tea and cake at the end though. Usually, the average speed has to be between 15-30km/h. This is on a relatively heavy 18-speed bike with bag strapped on rear carrier and 2 mirrors up front. I think I was closer to half that…. Now i have a couple friends and family on Strava who have been cycling much longer than me so its a little difficult to judge my … The Bike Room, by RocknRolla Today, 18:33, Training, Health & Nutrition, by RocknRolla Today, 18:24, The Bike Room, by cadenceblur Today, 18:15, Training, Health & Nutrition, by boink Today, 17:05, Training, Health & Nutrition, by Pure Savage Today, 16:29, Retro / Vintage Bikes, by RocknRolla Today, 16:16, Training, Health & Nutrition, by DR ◣◢ Today, 15:54, This is not recommended for shared computers, Petition: Bring Back the Classifieds Comments, Pre work out supplement if you can only exercise after a strenuous work day, Touring bike recommendations and suggestions, PureMotion Sports Takes Over Distribution of Lake Shoes, Ike Klassen joins Commencal for the 2021 season, Shimano blue for neutral support at Tour de France. Road bikes are the fastest bikes. The pros may average in the region of 32-34 km/h for a very mountainous stage, The record for a 100 mile time trial is close to 3 hours 20 – around, On a road bike, a fast time for a 100 mile training times, would be 5 hours –, A decent touring pace would be 6 hours – 27 km/h. But we do it early.. )Sweet run EDIT: Or use Google My Tracks. In the middle of a large peleton, it is said you can save up to 50% of your energy. It’s hard to imagine trying to break the London – Edinburgh record by riding up the A1. This record will almost certainly be broken in 2015. I don’t know if people still do reliability rides. Some of my observations (cruising speed based on a flat, paved road in good condition): 20km/h (12.4 mph) - many "occasional" cyclists ride around this speed 25km/h (15.5 mph) - most commuters 30km/h (18.6 mph) - fast commuters, slower roadies 8 man break I started never got caught. 23mph sounds more like a chain gang! No wonder you guys all apparently ride faster than me! If you can do 17.2 mph when riding on the brake hoods on a road bike with thin high pressure tires, you can only expect to go 14.4 mph on a fat tire mountain bike. Go Green And Buy A Mountain Bike – Price: 250$ – Max Speed: 45 KM/H Previous Next Mods.MyGameSteam.com Mod-network.com There are 7 this week after week every Sunday. Only US$2,449.99, buy best [eu direct] rich bit top-022 26'' 48v 17ah 1000w electric mountain bike 21 speed electric bike 35km/h top speed 60km mileage range max load 185kg sale online store at wholesale price. It was a good test for the club-rider; it could still be done at a non-competitive, but ‘brisk’ pace. However, when the climb is 35% the conventional bike needs 430 W to keep the speed and traction and this exhausts the rider in a matter of second or minutes while with ASCENDU the rider can easily climb the 35% inclination with just 190 W at 2 km / h without any extra effort. ), Training ride on winter training bike – 24-27 km/h, Threshold training ride on time trial bike 34-37 km/h, Hilly time trial on time trial bike – 40-42 km/h, Flat time trial TT bike, no traffic – 46-47 km/h, Fastest time trial on TT bike (fast course, + traffic)- 50km/h. CAD. Lots of people are heard training to try abd stay in the front bunch! If that helps. The Minimum average speed to finish in time limit – 12mph – 20 km/h; An average speed of 24 km/h would place you in around the top 1,000 out of 8,000 finishers. Your iPhones and Androids probably add a few km/h . Slow recovery after training is far more evident than the decline in peak performance. Average Speed - posted in The Bike Room: Good Morning Guys, I am a novice cycler. Into the headwind on the return, I averaged 36 km/h. Those phone apps talk ***. You can probably ride 3-9 km/h faster. I also find that at times it would be faster to walk than ride at my pace at some hills.... HeheNever did giba, but if I look at my avg on trails from holla, van gaalens and groenkloof I avg around 16km/h. improve endurance, speed and get fitter. This year I think they are trying to emphasise that it’s not a race and are going to limit the number of riders in each group instead of one group of 50+ riders flying along! It was insane. Stealth Electric Mountain Bike / Stealth Electric Bicycles: Rear Shock: DNM Rear Shock: 25-40km/h speed, 100kgs loading 48v 500w full suspension electric bicycle with 9speed spec. During an Australian study lately, 18 cyclists (9 ‘veterans’ of average age 45 and 9 young cyclists of average age 24) performed 30 minutes cycling for three consecutive days. In the ‘Good old days’ Road records association (founded 1888) was a big thing. I did 43 km on a training ride a few days ago in 88 minutes. The current record for men Gethin Butler (2001) is 1 day 20 hours, 4 minutes, 20 seconds. The fastest ever speed attained cycling downhill on snow or ice is 222 km/h (138 mph), by Eric Barone (France) at Les Arcs, France on 21 April 2000. I've more then likely ridden these route, just not sure about the names you are referring to, Ha ha I just transferred my ride from yesterday (for which I'd mentioned an average speed of 10.9km/h) from Endomondo into Strava (based on advice above) and the latter now reflects my average speed as 12.1 km/h!No wonder you guys all apparently ride faster than me! I”m often averaging 15-16mph in winter. This results from the increase in rolling resistance from 0.004 to 0.012. RUB. Knowing that I’d still be able to slot into a club ride and find it reasonable! train 2 hours hard 5 days… cheers, Commute into town, including stopping times at traffic lights – 12-16 km/h, Commute into town (fast) – 20-28 km/h. It’s been reassuring for me. Average speeds for Road Records Association. You can calculate the slowest you will be able to ride up a hill using gear tables. its madness! If you look at current times of professional riders, as a rough rule of thumb, women’s average speed tend to be around 4-5 km/h less than men. Good to hear, is average speed still 16.6 mph? Wind  is important. Cumulative evaluation: 2. A general rule of thumb is that if you are switching from a mountain bike with knobbies to a road bike you will be between 15-20% faster at the same watts/effort. Usually, the reliability rides involved riding 50 miles in 3 hours. Professional bicycle racers can usually maintain 25-28 mph on flat ground. That’s 874 miles at an average speed of 19.8 mph / 31.9 kmh. China High-Speed off-Road 100km/H 8000W Nordic High Power Mountain Ebike Electric Power Motor Mountain Bike Bicycle for Sale, Find details about China Motorcycle, Electric Tricycles from High-Speed off-Road 100km/H 8000W Nordic High Power Mountain Ebike Electric Power Motor Mountain Bike Bicycle for Sale - Shanghai Jheyewear Co., Ltd. 28.9 MPH average – was in cycling weekly. Categories Gocycle. The speed using the conventional bike would be 4.0 mph (6.5 km / h) and with ASCENDU it would be 3.6 mph (5.8 km / h). Maintaining an average speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph) on a mountain bike, over rocky and technical terrain, would put you in a very elite category. per hour. An average speed of 24 km/h would place you in around the top 1,000 out of 8,000 finishers. It feels very slow. Dansi 44001 Bicycle Battery Light Set with German Road Traffic Regulations Approval LED Set with Front and Rear Light, Switch Between 30/15 Lumen, Rain and Shockproof, Black. I think I’d have to stick with the old A section if I was still with the Otley CC. Rated 4.50 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings (2 customer reviews) USD 1,279.00. For less mountainous cyclo sportives, you will find higher average speed. Latest From Our Blog Building a Custom E-Mountain Bike (Part 1) with Paul Brodie – Framebuilding 101 January 26, 2021 2020 Hero ... Electric Bike 90km/h Top Speed + Wheelies | Stealth Electric Bikes January 26, 2021 admin 50 Comments.